This February danish manufacturer Kvadrat launches in Berlin “Roller Blinds”
by designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, which will enable
you to optimise your indoor climate.

Constructed out of durable aluminium, it allows you to control light levels, glare and temperature,
and thereby ensure a consistently comfortable environment.
Most windows require some form of light management system.
Throughout the day, light and temperature levels can often vary.
Kvadrat Roller Blinds works by reflecting and absorbing light to
provide control over shading, glare, thermal comfort and individual
needs as light conditions change.

The frame and textiles come in a selection of sizes and colours.
Three Kvadrat textiles designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec,
Stratus, Nimbus and Cumulus, make it possible to create a discreet
monochrome look – or bold contrasts. And as design requirements
develop textiles can easily be changed.

The system’s flexible, durable design allows for versatile installation to
any vertical or horizontal surface such as a ceiling, wall, beam or window
frame. Using Kvadrat’s patented fixing mechanism, no screws or hinges
are visible, and the cassette seamlessly integrates with the interior.
The system can be specified in chain-operated, switch-operated
and remote-controlled versions. The Kvadrat Roller Blinds system is
exclusively available in Germany, Benelux and Denmark for contract use.







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