Klemens Grund is a cabinet maker and designer, living and working in cologne, Germany. In 2013 he founded his own design studio. From 2011 – 2013 he was partner in the office of the swiss architect and Pritzker laureate Peter Zumthor. For the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk,Belgium he presents in an Installation Tochter with the cologne based designer Thomas Schnur his folding chair made of solid oak.

The chair is characterized by a high degree of independence in dealing with the material and design. A special elegance get the chairs by a floating arm and backrest. The simple addition of a second frame and a barely recognizable mechanism for locking the legs surprised one with the functionality of a folding chair. High quality craftsmanship, reduction to the essential elements and the exceptional ergonomics also speak for a excellent work.

klappstuhl_03 klappstuhl2_bearbeitet-1 klappstuhl-backround-focused_2 klappstuhl_02 klappstuhl_01 k-grund_sw