During this years Milano Design Week was the opportunity for Agapecasa to bring back emblematic pieces from the Mangiarotti Collection with updated details in precious marble, like the Verde Alpi and Nero Emperador: aesthetics that make the most of the design and technological features of the products featured in the collection and the installation. A first-floor flat in a beautiful palazzo from the early 20th century in Via Palermo 1 in the heart of the Brera district hosted the installation created by Agapecasa that is has dedicated entirely to the Mangiarotti Collection. Extraordinary pieces designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, one of the great masters who has already entered into the history of design,  presented in an almost museum-like atmosphere and placed inside architectural contexts that also serve as light sources as well.

It was a journey that invites the visitor to be swept up in Mangiarotti’s poetry, to follow his train of thought via inspirations that range from design to art and architecture. It is his versatility that stands out here, almost emphasized and highlighted by the sequence of identical shapes that can be found in objects, sculptures and architectural forms. Because everything can become something else. Everything is connected. Everything continues on without interruption, even in its diversity. This all serves as an example of Mangiarotti’s rigorous functionalism that never failed to seek out elegance and beauty, ethics and aesthetics.

Here are a series of pictures from this wonderful exhibition:

Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_16 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_15 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_13 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_12 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_11 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_09 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_07 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_06 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_04 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_03 Agapecasa_CB_MI2017_01