Citco_TOTEM by Ferruccio Laviani

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For this years Salone del Mobile 2016, italian brand Citico expands its design collection with new creations include the Totem and Splash lamps, by Ferruccio Laviani and Arik Levy. 


“There is no denying the fact that I like to design lamps. Being able to do so by using different materials each time makes this passion even more interesting. Totem, in fact, is a table lamp that comes from the material itself with which it is made – marble – and the colours of the various stones selected for its manufacture generate the chromatic range and transparent effects, thanks to varied thicknesses. I have worked on marble with Citco for many years, exploring its application in the world of coverings for walls and floors, but this is the first time I have applied this experience to an object. I was intrigued by the idea of something that would be more like a presence, a table sculpture, a reminder of Brancusi with an abstract, anthropomorphic form, but also useful at the same time, not just beautiful. Then I thought about having two different sizes: an ‘important’ lamp to place on a cabinet or a desk, and a smaller one to use on a bedside table, a reading table, or beside a sofa… I am happy with the object I have designed, and I am even happier to have made it by using a material for its intrinsic characteristics, without having to combine it with others.”

Ferruccio Laviani


“The beauty of the world in which we live lies in the transition of the natural elements around us, their unexpected formation in different phases. Marble is an incredible material that has been in use throughout our history. The tools and experience we now have permit us to go one step further with the presence of the material and the emotional values it can project.Citco is a perfect partner for this experiment of turning marble into ‘liquid’ once again. My idea is to make marble look and feel flexible and fluid, create the sensation that it is melting before our very eyes, or constantly changing. Like the waves of the ocean splashing over rocks, my marble Splash evokes this moment of dynamic movement and elasticity. The perfection of the making, the intelligence of the operator and his machine as well as the eye, emotions, attention to details and the perfectly crafted finish, bring together the idea and the making in a single, unified experience.”

Arik Levy